Introducing ‘Rules of Success’ Rule Number 1

Please pay attention to the Rules of Success – you can access the overview here:

Let us start with Rule number ONE:

Treat your business…like a business!

SFI founder Billy Carson is explaining here how to keep your business alive.

In order to get familiar with this business you should treat it like any other business. For a business you opreate you need: continuation from the day one and readiness. Also you need a very good knowledge about what you are selling and how you are selling. You need a business plan. Without these things don’t wonder when your business fails.
It is worthful to have a business as you have found it with SFI.

As this business is worthful it is required from all of us to  have effort and commitment.
Nothing of this kind is easy and we cannot think that we can wait until somebody pays some funds to us.
The thing is that we  should get around with our life with a long breath.
It is the same  with your hobby: if you are a collector of stamps you need to know anything  about philately and you should invest a lot of your time, visiting  specialised Exhebitions and meet others in order to exchange stamps. Finally you need  a magnifying glass and tweezers and a pair of white gloves.

Nothing else is with a business: You must know what you are selling, look for the things your audience is searching for.
Get the knowledge about it. If you want to sell products for health you should study these products carefully.
When you are familiar enough with the incredients of the products you can sell them more easily.

I would recommend to write your business plan of a piece of paper. Think about it – so you have a clear imagination of what you want to do and see yourself as a successful business man or women.



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