The rules of Success – Rule number 2

Do something to grow your business every day
SFI President Gery Carson wrote this down for a long time ago.
The link for this rule is here:

Successful business cannot be reached by thinking only!
Naturally you don’t need to switch your brain off while doing business.
For a realistic business plan you need ideas at first – and goals to follow.
Then pull your hands together and start working.

Review the Power Tools which are really worth reading and applying
do it by DOING
do it by TAKING ACTION every day
do something to make your business profitable!

Have your daily focus and get into the action:
These actions can be done every day:
Follow up with recent prospects
Send out some E-Cards
Place a classified or other type of ad
Send out some postcards
Review the LaunchPad Lessons
Revies the Internet Income course
Read an SFI training article you haven’t read yet (or review one you have)
Contact your sponsor, tell him what you are doing and ask questions
Go to Google, Yahoo or Bing and search for articles on how to become a better marketer
Browse Triple Clicks for new products you can recommend to your customers
Check the SFI News and SFI Power Tip blogs
Review the Hit Tracker page to maximize your marketing efforts
Start a co-op and invite your PSAs to join
Add some prospects to your ECA-database
Review your Movers report (on your SFI homepeage)
Review your Goals on your SFI homepage
Review the latest posts on the SFI Forum

These conditions are a lot. How can you do this in 1-2 hours daily?
There is no compulsion to do everything at once – you can do with your time what is
the best for you. A working week consists of 5 days and you of course can work 7 days online. But this is up to you.
Normally Sunday is not a working day and you should not break this rule. It is enough to write your PSAs and CSAs a letter once per week.
Do your daily To-Do-List and you have completed some of these points. If you are still have a fulltime job, you can also follow these rules
– however break it down to have enough time for sleeping.
You still need a lot time for yourself: Do your daily exercises and have healthy food, drink enough water, clean your desktop.
Visit your friends and speak with them. Talk to your neighbour and to your family. They all need you.

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