The Rules of Success – Rule Number 4


Work with the workers

Here is my folow-up to last week. Another big rule is Rule number 4. This is what you cannot ignore – or you cannot be a winner.

QUANTITY is good for one side, you are sponsoring 100s or 1000s of Affiliates, the majority
will not become active until one day (if they not opting out).

QUALITY is better. All you need is to develope 3-5 topnotch affiliates
These affiliates don’t need assistance – as they know what to do and what is needed. Bounce,
great things will happen with your commission check, when these big Aces begin building their own downline and develop new Triple Clicks Customers (PRMS) who buy regularily.

You find your top workers by checking your “My Movers“ on your SFI homepage.

Support them closely, and train them to do the things you do so that you are creating duplication and maximum leverage. Use different contacting methods: email, phone, conferences.

For your non-active, it is sufficient to write them a letter once a week, to indicate the advantages of network marketing. For CSAs in your group you can use the CSA letter and for the PSAs use the PSA letter.

For both letters you can use templates that are already stored. Or you design your own template and store it.

Your future depends on your active affiliates. Straight ahead, the financial consequences of you.
A car always needs 4 wheels – otherwise you can direct it only in the ditch.

Keep sponsoring affiliates, work with your workers, and success will happen.

Please always take care, drink enough water (3 litres are recommended), do your daily exercises and keep your desktop clean.

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