Rules of Success – Rule Number 6

YOU succeed only if THEY succeed

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Some sponsors never support their downline and this not the right
and good kind of a spnosring members.

We don’t live in a nutshell and the people who are assigned to my downline need
some support and as such it is required to keep eyes and ears open.
Whenever one of the downline members have complaints or question regarding this business,
you have to answer these question within 24 hours.

If you do not do this, your affiliates feel to be left allone and they are going not to
build their own downline.

Don’t let this happen. Your whole business will come to a stagnation.
If you are sponsoring affiliates without caring for them you are guaranteeing
failure for yourself.

Every affiliate you sponsor is a potential goldmine for you. You MUST understand that only if THEY succeed, do YOU succeed.

The better way to go is to open different lines of communication with all the affiliates.
Only then you can teach your affiliates how to succeed in SFI.
Building good relationships with the affiliates is very important.

You start with this the moment an affiliate starts business with SFI and is assigned to you.
Write to them a welcome letter. Once the affiliate logged in at the SFI Affiliate Center for the first time,
they will see an alert that there is a message for them.
This is an easy, automatic way to get off to a great start in building relationships with your affiliates.

Next, you’ll continue to communicate with them. Stay in touch, share ideas, provide training.
It is recommended to write a weekly e-mail by using PSA Mailder and CSA Mailer.
This letter should be short, grammatically correct and easy to understand.

It is okay to have limited knowledge of what to tell your affiliates, if you are nwe to SFI.
Therefore reading the information and have the training at the AFI Affiliate Center.
Do this regulary, every day and on the long run you grow into the role of an awesome leader.
That is some kind of self-realization.

Napoleon Hill wrote the following:
(quote) It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. (unquote)

Think always positive about your group. It does not matter where are they coming from and in which circumstances they live.
People are all equal!

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