Rules of Success – Rule number 8

Leaders are Readers

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In any online business information is the key of success.

EVERY DAY, at the very least, you should be checking
all of the tabs on your SFI homepage

To-Do List,
Ask SC,



Begin to learn reading techniques. Learn to read quick. It is nothing more than

Practice by practice. If you read every day you will aquire some routine and reading will become

automatically the EVERYDAY MUST DO.

In SFI read the latests posts on the  SFI Forum

If you’re not reading all or most of these things, you are clearly NOT serious about SFI and
you will therefore not succeed.


Then apply what you have read. Subscribe to marketing letters, read business blogs, read about the economy and read the rates of major stock companies in your country and globally.


There’s an absolute wealth of information out there, much of it now 100% free thanks to the Internet.


There are also books available, which allow you to run circles around the non-readers of the world.


There are also great good books at Triple Clicks. Just follow this link: .



When you read constantly your wealth will begin. You can learn anything to accomplish any goal that you set for yourself. There are no limits on what you can be, have or do.

(Albert Einstein)



Always drink enough water – every day!


Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz

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