Rules of Success – Rule Number 9

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Open your eyes to your potential

Anyone has the potential inside themselves. There is no special talent needed – it is not acquired with the breast milk of our mothers. But not anybody has yet recognized it, because nobody teaches you it: neither our schools, government, teachers, professors and even the church don’t teach you this. We all grew up without this knowledge.

During our lives we have been accustomed to remain in this mediocrity. With this setting, we stay alone and be able to have any significant business success. We live in society with other compliant and strive with compromises to pave the way through our lives.

We think that this is the normal achievment in life and that real success can only be reached by the prviledged people. We think we are un-priviledged.

Those prviledged people have the same background as the rest, but they have soon learned how to escape from the ‘normal behavior’ . They have suddenly broken out of these artifical constraints.
This can anyone do. There are a lot of examples to this statement to substantiate.

Napoleon Hill wrote his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ at the age of 22 which can open the eyes of the unknown human being and David Schwartz wrote about ‘The Magic Of Thinking Big’.

Margaret (also called Molly) Brown is best known for her luck in surviving the crash of the Titanic. She also got lucky in love. Prior to marrying her husband Jim Brown, she had decided that she needed to marry a rich man in order to provide for her father. But she soon realized that she loved Jim and that, even though he ‘was as poor as we were, and had no better chance in life… that I’d be better off with a poor man whom I loved than with a wealthy one whose money had attracted me.’
Margaret chose Jim and, years later, he went to make a sizeable fortune.
(Excerpt from ‘The Lucky Book’ of Hatherleigh, a Tripleclicks item).

At TripleClicks we are fortunate to have one of the world’s most famous success experts and authors, Jack Zufelt, as one of our ECAs. Jack opens your eyes to your true and real potential.
He has been interviewed on over 2000 radio and TV talk shows.

You can check out his literary treasure here:

That great help comes from within is the ingenious approach in transaction analysis.
The potential lies dormant in us to himself, and only needs to be awakened.
If it is once released, this potential can develop limitless.

I wish you all the success you need.

Friedrich Fritz

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