Rules of Success – Rule Number 10

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Set goals…and publish them!

As you are going to set-up your business you need at first need a business plan. This includes your goals – as your guiding principles. We have our brain full of thoughts while we are doing this business or any other business. But our focus should be on what we want to achieve.

In our Affiliate’s profile we can write down our goals: our longterm goals and our shortterm goals.
You just make your goals public, You can print-out your goals and attach it to the wall near your computer, where you do your daily work.

A goal could be your dream house or your dream car or also some other values you want to own someday.

One must proceed exact in the preparation of its goals and be honest with yourself. It is one’s self-confidence and a reflection to its strengths.
Imagine that you see the beautiful new home in front of your eyes, equipped with modern furniture – with many beautiful rooms and a large front yard.

These published goals will launch activity in your powerful subconscious mind that seems to literally ‘pull’ you towards the achievement of your goals!

Near these longterm goals you should set-up shortterm goals for every day and/or the present week.

Within your SFI Homepage there is the GOALS tab. Click on it each day and write down your goal for the day.

Then work on it until your goal is completed.

Earl Nightingale, who was a motivation coach, wrote: „People with goals succeed because they know where they are going“.

Clear goals breed good fortune. Know what you want. Keep your eyes fixed on your desires and all obstacles fade into obscurity. (Excerpt from The Lucky Book).

Best wishes and all the best!

Yours truly
Friedrich Fritz

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