Rules of Success – Rule number 11

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Have a plan (a realistic plan)

Goals are important to your business life. We have discussed this matter last week.
Now it is the time to think about to build a plan.

This is easy if you use Mind Maps – you can find this software in the Internet.
I use it always in order to find a realistic way and to get a nice overview.
According to Wikipedia describes a Mind Map, developed by Tony Buzan, cognitive technique that you can use, for example, to open up opportunities and visually representing a subject or topic, or to schedule for transcripts. Here, the principle of association is to help to develop freely thoughts and to use the abilities of the brain. The mind map is created and read according to certain rules. The process or the subject area or the technique is called mind mapping.

Mind maps

Start with your Mind Map and think that SFI is truly one of the few businesses where you can earn while you learn. Think that the first 6 to 12 months is primarily your training period.

Your Mind Map should include a time course.

It will be your hardest time ever and at this point many people give up, because they want instant success, but this will not happen. A realsitic plan takes time, but this is worth waiting until your plan begins to work. The large earnings will come slowly but steadily. Educate yourself – build your downline, sell items via your TC connection page and tell your downline to do the same.

There are literature available about realistically planing a business.

Best regards and much success to you!
Friedrich Fritz

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