Rules of Success – Rule Number 12

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Winning starts with beginning

You can easily exchange the word winning with the word earning – but this is up to you.
Well earnings don’t come from nothing – you have to work for getting some earnings,
which means in this case: commission and shares from the Triple Clicks Executive Pool.

The ruler of the decision of this game is YOU! But you think: „It sounds all good to me, but I will read a little bit and I start with this business next week.“ But when next week is there you will say to you the same. This is part of our procrastination and you can find it everywhere in the today’s routine.

Procrastination means the action of delaying or postponing something. Please avoid procrastination in this business and give this top priority. Business is planing without falling into the trap of procrastination!

If you do this from the beginning you will win – if you are trapped with procrastination, your business cannot be successful and you will fail.

So start now and not tomorrow or next week. The tools you need are already there and you will find them the more you learn about the SFI system and use these tools to work for your goals – every single day.

Nobody is perfect and you should realize that you will not be able that everything is working perfectly – you can only give the best of yourself and nothing more. Continue to learn ever and ever again – and move into the right direction. Take a deep breath and see yourself as the winner.

This is what will help you in business and what will help you in life, too.

Don’t look left or right and do not look at others who failed – see those who made their way.
View those people in SFI who become BTL, STL, GTL or PTL every month.

This proves the correctness of the assumption that success can be achieved mainly through positive thinking and doing.

I wish you much of the success you desire!

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

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