Rules of Success – Rule number 14

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Send praise down (and criticism up)

This rule is one of the most effective one. Mr. Gery Carson – SFI President and founder – has made some really good suggestions.

If you have found something that was positive for you you should share this with your downline. Our first attitude as a sponsor is to provide our downline with motivation, inspiration and help. By doing this we will create momentum and maintain it. This will make downline members thinking. When they start to think they will be creative enough for own ideas.

The tools for maintaining this momentum is by regularly using the PSA Mailer, CSA Mailer and Stream.

We are growing a second income – we don’t play for this. We are growing it like we are growing tomatoes. It takes time, to grow a young plant until it developes ripe tomatoes ready for harvesting. You need much water, every morning and you must cut the wild sprouting secondary shoots from time to time. This will help the plant to develop good fruits on the remaining and strong shoots.

If you are posting these positive, uplifting comments on the SFI Forum also, it empowers the whole SFI community – even if the readers are not always in your downline.

On the other side: do not kill that momentum by posting negative things or complaints to your downline or to the Forum. When you have a complaint you should tell it to your Upline members or sent a brief note to SFI corporate support. SFI is there for assisting and helping you with problems you encounter.

It is always more easy to think, speak and talk positive. That is what this business needs: economical sense, because it only then becomes powerful and profitable.

Keep this momentum alive.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

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