Rules of Success – Rule Number 17

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Don’t major in minors

SFI is one of the leading platforms of Internet Marketing in the whole world wide web.
They have begun with one idea and they plant that small idea. They are growing that plant every year a little more until today. But they don’t stop, they are still growing it.

Don’t let little problems allow to grow over your head. Concnetrate on the positive side of what you are achieving. Always see the ‘big picture’ in front of you and keep on moving further.

They are one rule, that everything is bound to changes. The health can change, the life can change and people are also bound to that changes. Changes can always happen and we cannot do anything against it.

We carry on with our burden and we continue to be straight and those changes will not upset us.
They are big and small changes – but we always have the big picture in mind that we are following.

Always think big!

Have a nice weekend!

Friedrich Fritz

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