Rules of Success – Rule number 20

Persist until you win

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Well – it does not go overnight – building a successful business needs persistence and determination and patience.

There is no such thing like: get rich quick or make $10,000.00 in six weeks.
Even if other online services say so – it is good for marketing but not for reality.

It will take YEARS until you reach those good sounding Dollar amounts.

First is our WORK and then after a long long time SUCCESS will come, if it is ready.

If you look back at the Internet bubble in the 1990s – you will see that from those Net-Gurus have only a few survived. The rest of them vanished as the bubble exploded.

These include companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Ebay and
course SFI. These thinkers covered up more and acted accordingly.

Therefore – never give up and be PERSISTANT.

I wish you all the best .

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

The Rules of Success have ended now . You can read them as often as you like it.

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