Last update for September

as you have already read – the Leadership Challenge for this Summer ends soon, only 3 days left.

The deadline ends on October 1st.

To read all the advantages about it please get well informed here:

Today I have gained my rank as BTL and I am lucky that I am BTL for one whole year now.

It is an exciting challenge for me every month to collect those 3000 VersaPoints (2000 Sales Vps and 1000 Action Vps).

It is not possible to hold this rank without the assistance of my team. Therefore I thank those Affiliates very much who have attended here with some success.

For those who are inactive at the moment I advice you to login soon and if necessary to read

START again and SFI BASICS. Read your Launchpad lessons and learn them until

you understand.

You can only work and make some profit if you really understand the system. It is working for

so many Affiliates every day. Some earn less and some earn more. If you have some time left

you should also read The Rules of Success. SFI President and founder Gery Carson has them originally written and they are really rules you must read.

Go here to view them:

I have put these rules processed in a summary. You can view this summary on my blog for my affiliates. Here is the link: .

With SFI you work from your home and you have nothing to fear. After some time your efforts will turn to becoming success. So it is interesting to invent so called Sound Bites in your business plan:

1st sell your alarm clock to your neighbor.

2nd wake up at the crack of noon

3rd Don’t work 45 years like your parents

4th have a five-day weekend instead of a two-day weekend.

Do you want to know more about Sound Bites? Then I recommend you to order 26 Instant Marketing Ideas


This book is also available at Amazon.

Aim high and dream big!

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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