Make your decision now

In case you have not made any decision regarding your business I strongly recommend that you login
immediately to and to complete daily, weekly and monthly actions.

Well,  this business is a Network Marketing business. You work from your home with a PC, Notebook or Pad and an Internet connection. This is very comfortable and easy. I will show you how you can become a successful entrepreneur.

In a Network Marketing you build relationships to other business minded people – you build your own downline.The business is to tell them what you do – if they follow you the same way as you follow me – they will all become successful and everybody earns funds to live a better life.

For building these relationships you need to promote this business online and offline, too. You should be equipped with  some promotional staff: envelopes, letterheads, business cards, brochures, etc.
Order borchures here:

order envelopes here:

order letterhead here:

order postcards here:

How you can promote is explained by the company SFI itself. There are 30 Launchpad Lessons which you should complete first and please – do the quiz at the end of each lesson. You will score VersaPoints.

VersaPoints are the result of our daily, weekly and monthly actions. Score as much VPs as you can and soon your success will be endless. After you have gained 1500 VPs you will be a member of the Executive Board and receive shares – these shares will turn into commission.

The fact is: the higher  you score VPs the higher is your monthly commission cheque.

This business is proved and save – there are no gimnicks and you won’t get money quick. It   all depends on your time and your actions you are willing to give.

Are you ready?

Best regards

sincerely yours

Friedrich Fritz

New Fast-Track Gold Member benefits

Speeding on Fast Track

SFI News

h-fasttrackEffective immediately, we are now awarding EA2 status to all gold Fast-Track Members!

Being an EA2 means you’re qualified for all of the great regular EA benefits.  PLUS, you qualify for all of the following additional benefits, starting IMMEDIATELY:

  • Receive 10 free bonus TCredits ($5.90 value) every month, paid with your commissions
  • Can earn unlimited 10% matches on all Eager Zebra Zackpot winnings by your PSAs and PRMs.  If they win; YOU win, too!
  • Can transfer TCredits to your PSAs/CSAs for rewards, incentives, contests, etc.
  • Can submit questions to entire SFI community via ASK SC.

And that’s not even the best part.  If you’re the sponsor or an upline member of a gold Fast-Track Member, you can now start earning Matching VP immediately–from the very first VersaPoint earned by your new gold Fast-Track Members!

Related Resources:

SFI Compensation Plan:

SFI Benefits Chart:


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The Entrepreneur

I hope you have made a good start with your Network Marketing Business.

However, your decision to join SFI was the best decision you could do.

That is what your business is all about. A Network consists on building

relationships to other business minded people. This is the hardest work

in our business, but the most important one. As the new entrepreneur you

should know how to build those relationships.

You can use different methods: Warm marketing is the easiest. You can just talk

to your neighbours, your friends, your classmates, your spouse and invite them

to follow you. You can hand out gift cards with your personalized link. Make a purchase

of this items in your TC Store here:

The opposite is cold marketing: that includes posting in Social Media, like Facebook,

Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest. Share something from your Triple Clicks store. Just click on

‘share it’ and you can see a small window which displays links and text. Use the links and

paste it on your Facebook site, your Twitter site, etc.

Do you run your own homepage? If not, it is the best to consider to open one at no cost

with Google, Yahoo, etc. . You should also consider to open an account with WordPress and write your blog.

Do you know what Membership Reward Points mean? Everytime you bid on Pricebender or make purchases via your Triple Clicks Store you earn a different quantity of MRPs. Sometimes you get double MRPs (which is offered when available).

With MRPs you have an alternative payment method. You can make purchases and chose MRP as an payment option. Therefore it is always a great advantage to purchase things from Triple Clicks you normally buy elsewhere and have MRPs and Vps in return.

From SFI News we read that they are offering Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 now at

the MRP Store! In this department all the items listed by their MRP value. So, it is your point to collect as much MRPs as possible. Here is the link of that special department .

Don’t forget to purchase your gifts for Christmas now and please advise everybody to do the same.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

Kill procrastination now!

How to kill procrastination! A little phrase that I’ve used over the past 20 years.

I would always procrastinate. There was something else more interesting or more important to do.

I fixed my bad habit with one simple little phrase. I forget what book I saw the phrase in, but it certainly 
made a huge difference in my life.

When I feel like procrastinating now, I simply say:

“If not now, when?”

Sounds simple. And it took a week or so to develop the habit of saying this phrase to myself every time 
I wanted to put things off until later.

But now when I say this phrase to myself, most times I just go ahead and do the task and get it over with.

So when are you going to stop procrastinating? If not now ... when? :)

After you have read this advice you are invited to enter and to complete your daily, 
weekly and monthly actions.

Sincerely yours

Friedrich Fritz

The Internet is like a big funnel

network marketing is a business consisting on numbers and mathematics.

It is no secret to think bigger as you would think if you would run a stationary shop in your street around the corner. Even then you should hand-out flyers and place ads in the local newspaper.

When you want attract 100 PSAs in one month you must reach about 20000 people in the same time. This is calculated on the basis that you get 5 PSAs from every 1000 people you contact.

You can contact the people via the Intenet, because with the help of Google, Yahoo and
Facebook you can definitely reach several thousands of business minded people.

The Internet is like a big funnel. Above you give  in the interests and categories (according to which you choose) and below those interested to come out. But then it goes mathematically further.

If you have 5 new PSAs in your downline, then it is not certain
that only 1 PSA is active. Now you can calculate and speculate that
the efficiency is higher, the more PSAs  are in the downline.

This means that you have to beat the big drum constantly and vigorously.
My tip is to use the urls from GatewayList: .

Take one URL for promoting PSAs and take one URL for promoting Triple Clicks and/or Pricebender then place the URL in PTC (payed to Click). I use .  You have instant access if you click here: .

Chose ClixGrid and buy links – it is not soo expensive. One link for 7 days will cost USD 6.00 and
you can buy  3 links for 7 days for USD 18.00.  You can also use ClixSense to place adds.
But you are free to look around for yourself.

I wish you a pleasant and enjoyable week.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

This week’s W3 Cash Drawing Winner

Congratulations, Sabina Loncar. This is really great

SFI News

ImageSabina Loncar of Zagreb, CROATIA, just won $250 in the WAVE3 weekly cash drawing. Congrats, Sabina!

Next week, it could be YOU. For each W3 member you refer, you receive an entry in our weekly drawing (winners drawn each Tuesday). Ten runners-up are also drawn and each receive 50 free TCredits. For 17 ways you can generate referrals, go to:

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Member TConnect Update

It is always good to be alerted on time.

SFI News

Since our major update of TripleClicks last Tuesday, there has been a significant amount of confusion regarding Member TConnect pages.  Following are some FAQs to alleviate the confusion.

Q: Why did you change the Member TConnect pages?
In order to accommodate numerous overall site improvements at TripleClicks.

Q: What happened to my name and picture?
Member TConnect pages must be anonymous now.  Your Member TConnect page is linked to from your username…which appears on Pricebenders auction bid logs, on various leaderboards, at Eager Zebra games, Member Listings, etc.  Usernames are so that you may play, bid, etc. with anonymity (many people will not participate without this protection).  Similarly, your identity is protected when you sell stuff (and use other types of listings we have coming using Member Listings).  If your TConnect page revealed who you actually are, all of this would be for naught of course.  Therefore, we can’t…

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Profitable situation – working with our business

SFI does everything possible to strengthen our marketing muscle.

As such they have created Fast-Track 2.0 and I really invite you to read more about it

in SFI news or by clicking on this link:

Did you heard about the W3 program? W3 is’s ‘personal referral network’.

For helping us spread the word about they pay you valuable Tcredits and

Member Rewards Points (MRP). The next customers are our relatives and neighbors.

Talk to them about your business. It works.

Did you order your W3 starter kit yet? If not, go here: and order it for $1.95 .

The kit comes along with a Car decal which you should afix on the rear window of your car and make a photo (we call it selfie). After uploading it to

everybody knows that you are a member of this special group.

It is a privilege to be a member of W3 – and this should not be ignored.

Triple Clicks is your store and all the commission you earn are coming from your customers who buy from your store. Customers can be your PSAs, your CSAs, PRMs (personally referred members) and you if you make purchases for your own disposal.

In today’s Tips ( Scott Laing, who is a Gold Team Leader,

has bring it to the point:

(quote) 3. I need to advertise my business everyday. Whether it is paid advertising or free advertising, this needs to be done. I do not have a storefront in a mall that people walk by everyday, so I need to promote my business some other way, and SFI provides lots of tools for that.—–>  (unquote)

The more occasions or methods we use for promotion the better we will receive attention and

if we are attractive to customers enough they will buy from us. Customers are always searching for items and services which provide an improvement for them.

There is a demand for the things of everyday life and there is a demand for special things. In our store these things are offered. The customer or consumer will be satisfied with his demand – we are there to fulfill his desire.. This is the only reason why we run this business.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

New TripleClicks Daily Drawing!

New chances to win – this is a really good program from Triple Clicks

SFI News


SFI’s Daily Grand now has a sister at TripleClicks.  Introducing…THE DAILY CROWN.

Each day, we will draw 152 winners for total of over $1700 in prizes.


To be automatically entered in the Daily Crown drawing each day, simply play any Eager Zebra game (including any free entry game).


  • Maximum of one prize per day per Member
  • Maximum of 5 prizes per month per Member

To learn more, see:


Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

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