The Internet is like a big funnel

network marketing is a business consisting on numbers and mathematics.

It is no secret to think bigger as you would think if you would run a stationary shop in your street around the corner. Even then you should hand-out flyers and place ads in the local newspaper.

When you want attract 100 PSAs in one month you must reach about 20000 people in the same time. This is calculated on the basis that you get 5 PSAs from every 1000 people you contact.

You can contact the people via the Intenet, because with the help of Google, Yahoo and
Facebook you can definitely reach several thousands of business minded people.

The Internet is like a big funnel. Above you give  in the interests and categories (according to which you choose) and below those interested to come out. But then it goes mathematically further.

If you have 5 new PSAs in your downline, then it is not certain
that only 1 PSA is active. Now you can calculate and speculate that
the efficiency is higher, the more PSAs  are in the downline.

This means that you have to beat the big drum constantly and vigorously.
My tip is to use the urls from GatewayList: .

Take one URL for promoting PSAs and take one URL for promoting Triple Clicks and/or Pricebender then place the URL in PTC (payed to Click). I use .  You have instant access if you click here: .

Chose ClixGrid and buy links – it is not soo expensive. One link for 7 days will cost USD 6.00 and
you can buy  3 links for 7 days for USD 18.00.  You can also use ClixSense to place adds.
But you are free to look around for yourself.

I wish you a pleasant and enjoyable week.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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