The Entrepreneur

I hope you have made a good start with your Network Marketing Business.

However, your decision to join SFI was the best decision you could do.

That is what your business is all about. A Network consists on building

relationships to other business minded people. This is the hardest work

in our business, but the most important one. As the new entrepreneur you

should know how to build those relationships.

You can use different methods: Warm marketing is the easiest. You can just talk

to your neighbours, your friends, your classmates, your spouse and invite them

to follow you. You can hand out gift cards with your personalized link. Make a purchase

of this items in your TC Store here:

The opposite is cold marketing: that includes posting in Social Media, like Facebook,

Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest. Share something from your Triple Clicks store. Just click on

‘share it’ and you can see a small window which displays links and text. Use the links and

paste it on your Facebook site, your Twitter site, etc.

Do you run your own homepage? If not, it is the best to consider to open one at no cost

with Google, Yahoo, etc. . You should also consider to open an account with WordPress and write your blog.

Do you know what Membership Reward Points mean? Everytime you bid on Pricebender or make purchases via your Triple Clicks Store you earn a different quantity of MRPs. Sometimes you get double MRPs (which is offered when available).

With MRPs you have an alternative payment method. You can make purchases and chose MRP as an payment option. Therefore it is always a great advantage to purchase things from Triple Clicks you normally buy elsewhere and have MRPs and Vps in return.

From SFI News we read that they are offering Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 now at

the MRP Store! In this department all the items listed by their MRP value. So, it is your point to collect as much MRPs as possible. Here is the link of that special department .

Don’t forget to purchase your gifts for Christmas now and please advise everybody to do the same.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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