Make your decision now

In case you have not made any decision regarding your business I strongly recommend that you login
immediately to and to complete daily, weekly and monthly actions.

Well,  this business is a Network Marketing business. You work from your home with a PC, Notebook or Pad and an Internet connection. This is very comfortable and easy. I will show you how you can become a successful entrepreneur.

In a Network Marketing you build relationships to other business minded people – you build your own downline.The business is to tell them what you do – if they follow you the same way as you follow me – they will all become successful and everybody earns funds to live a better life.

For building these relationships you need to promote this business online and offline, too. You should be equipped with  some promotional staff: envelopes, letterheads, business cards, brochures, etc.
Order borchures here:

order envelopes here:

order letterhead here:

order postcards here:

How you can promote is explained by the company SFI itself. There are 30 Launchpad Lessons which you should complete first and please – do the quiz at the end of each lesson. You will score VersaPoints.

VersaPoints are the result of our daily, weekly and monthly actions. Score as much VPs as you can and soon your success will be endless. After you have gained 1500 VPs you will be a member of the Executive Board and receive shares – these shares will turn into commission.

The fact is: the higher  you score VPs the higher is your monthly commission cheque.

This business is proved and save – there are no gimnicks and you won’t get money quick. It   all depends on your time and your actions you are willing to give.

Are you ready?

Best regards

sincerely yours

Friedrich Fritz

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