Build your own team now

Please always be up-to-date with what is new in SFI and Triple Clicks. SFI has made it comfortable for all of us. On Alerts you find Latest News.

There are two points I want to point out especially to my group:

1st There is a New Time Machine contest – please participate every day. You have access via WIN IT tab. The question now is: What will the all-time box office rank for the new movie interstellar be on December 16?

2nd New Fast Track Gold Member benefits

view it here:

Be prepared and score more VersaPoints now. The more the better. Become a Fast-Track member, order your New Member Pack (NMP) and save $41.90 – you find the details for your order here: . It is specially offered for your first 10 days as a Triple Clicks Member.

Please tell it to your own downline, also. If you don’t have a team by now, you should consider to invest your time more in the promotion and advertising for your business.

There are tips, methods and aids available in the Marketing section of your SFI homepage.

Purchase S-Builder Co-Op ( and save your

costs for ads.

If it is your 2nd month – it will be harder for you to gain those 1500 Vps. This is the best time to purchase Tcredits 125 pack ( as a Standing Order. You receive 100 Action Vps for opening a Standing Order plus 1500 Vps for your purchase.

This will upgrade you to become Executive Affiliate every month automatically.

Please do not forget to complete SFI/Sponsor/Co-Sponsor ratings form and receive 10 Vps, it is important for my business, too. Because with a good rating I can reach more people and from your rating I know how I can serve you better.

Rise together and work together!

Sincerely yours

Friedrich Fritz

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