New MRP, TCredits, and W3 policies

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SFI News

Due to ongoing, large-scale fraud involving the use of MRP (Member Rewards Points) and TCredits as payment options for ECA product listings and member-listed products, we are making changes related to these options.

Effective immediately, MRP and TCredits may be used ONLY as payment for TC Direct products and the products of select ECAs.

Special Note to ECAs: ALL ECA accounts are currently set to not accept MRP or TCredits.  However, we will be going through all 6000+ ECAs over the coming weeks to identify those qualified to accept MRP/TCredits.  Qualifications will be based on years in business, years as TripleClicks ECAs, sales/refunds history, and so on.  If you are approved, all of your products will immediately regain the option of payment via MRP or TCredits.  Please be patient while we review every ECA account.

Also due to fraud, we are eliminating the weekly W3 (WAVE3) cash drawing.

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