How we do our online marketing business

Please start your business immediately – don’t waste time and money.
This business is the same as running a kiosk around your corner – you have to

be present

7 days per week and

9 to 10 hours per day.

We need to invest our time and much money and make much promotion like:

-regional press,
-poster advertising,
-flyers for distribution to parked cars and
-at fairs.

But compared to an offline store we need to invest much less in an online store.

The main thing is the same: we have to be present

-7 days per week and
-2 to 3 hours per day.

We all need to invest our time and a little money and make promotion to

-free and payed online advertising sites,
– on blogs

-on social media

We can promote our store with flyers and posters too, if we prefer to speak with the people directly.

We need customers who buy from our Triple Clicks Store and we need to refer

business minded people to SFI. These people go below us and we teach them how

to build a successful business.

If we are not present and have no time, no money and make no promotion nobody will get any notice from us and nobody buys.

So, tell me where are you? Are you that salesman? Are you your best customer?

I give you 4 points you should involve in your daily life:

1st Start now (login to SFIMG.COM)

2nd Start now with the big pack (online advertising share (

3rd Become your best customer (buy from your own TC Store)

4th no (this will bring no results)

We are our own boss in our business – so we can decide what we want and how far we can come.

Best regards

Sincerley yours

Friedrich Fritz

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