Why to MLMs want you?

What is NetWork Marketing all about? Well the owners tell you it is about sharing the Marketing Revenues with Affiliates. They say, “Instead of paying for marketing we pay our affiliates.”

Let me translate that for you, “You pay for all your own marketing with CASH or TIME (Clicking away) and they will give you a commission on every sale. Problem is Marketing generally is not about sales it is about Brand Recognition. And you do not get paid for Brand Recognition you only get paid for SALES.

Imagine for a minute NBC or FOX or any other TV/Cable company giving you advertising time on the TV and you only need to pay them on the basis of the sales generated. You think they would do it???? No Way. Why do you?

At SFI we have a Brand Recognition program and you get Paid. That is right, not a commission, but paid every month.

It is Simple. You receive a sticker from SFI. You place that sticker on your car. Every month that sticker remains on your car you get Paid. I have received both purchasing power and hard cold cash. This is not commission it is branding not sales. I brand their store, I get paid. Now suppose I do make a sale through my advertising for the company, I get a commission. Perfect.

Why are you still not a WAVE 3 member? Check it out now. Check it out here:

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