Always up-to-date

welcome to all the Newcomers who have joined my team during the past days.
If you haven’t not start already – please login now to and
start with this business – it is already your business and you can decide what
you want to earn.

As we have read from the Latest News, the Forum is back and it has been re-newed. It is good
to visit the Forum every day for getting some new ideas or to share your own ideas with
the big family of SFI.

Please give your vote for the ‘Song of the month’ – SFI has a contest running every month and this is really great to participate. Go here:

As a W3 Member you get a FREE download of the month’s winning song.
Do you know some musicians in your area? Listen around and if you have found somebody,
you can refer her/him to Triple Clicks.

Please find the enrollment form for artists here: and for the promotion of Triple Clicks’ musician campaign you can download our flyer here:
– you can print it out and display it on white boards at your favourite Supermarket.

You know it is very hard these days for musicians – therefore we have Triple Clicks for help.

Always carry your heart at the correct site and sell Triple Clicks with a smile on your face.

Best regards

Faithfully yours
Friedrich Fritz

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