Wrong answer to the wrong question

Dear Entreprenuers,

the following statement was originally sent to me from ‘Big Al’ Schreiter who is one of the leading marketing gurus in the United States of America.

When presenting your program to prospects, what is their biggest question or concern about your products or opportunity?

Do they want to know:

1. “How good is the quality of the products or services?”
2. “What are the test results of your products or services?”
3. “How much do your products or services cost?”
4. “How fast is delivery?”
5. “Is there a guarantee?”

All of these are great questions. And we talk about and answer these questions in our presentation.

And, we’re giving the wrong answers to the wrong questions.

The biggest question in the prospect’s mind is this:

“If I get involved with your business, will anyone buy these products and services?”

The prospect’s biggest concern is if there is a market that wants your products and services.

An easy way to answer that question is to tell them about successful retailing experiences where prospects literally ‘approached’ you. That’s what our prospects want to know.

So ask yourself:

“Am I answering the wrong questions? Should I spend more time explaining that there is an active, eager market for our products and services?”

SFI has always the correct answers to your questions. Look around our Frequently answered questions (FAQ) – type FAQ in the upper right hand corner.

Best wishes
Friedrich Fritz

PS: Big Al is an author of so many books. Look here: http://www.bigalbooks.com

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