The last letter of the year

Here are some exzerpts I wrote to my group today:

Since it is not so long ago, I hope you had a Merry Christmas. You deserve these little breaks
and it is perfectly fine, then to take care of the family.

Nice that you have decided to build a business and this with SFI and Triple Clicks. It pleases me that you have contributed within my group to the fact that this business is worth. Everything takes a while before it develops. This is with plants not otherwise than by a store.

Plants need

A business needs
positive thinking,
even love and customers.

I soon will celebrate my 2nd-year anniversary at SFI.

Every day I’m a little more excited – it was not easy and sometimes I thought ‘give it up’ or ‘throw that shit just go’. Nevertheless, I continued – it was good. I hope this state is retained.

I wish my readers and their family a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year!
See you all again in 2015! (Below is  a little present for you!)

Sincerely yours
Friedrich Fritz

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