We are one team – one family

a happy New Year to all of you.

I am lucky – because last year ended with me as 
Silver Team Leader.

Without you I could have not reached this rank.
Therefore I am very thankful for your every-day-action and 
my desire is that you continue in the same way. Add more
prospects to your business.

Start to become Team Leader this year. SFI has created a new
leverl – Diamond Team Leader – and they have a new compensation
plan running:
https://www.sfimg.com/the_plan – so we can be lucky to reach Team Leader qualification easier, because
they have adjusted the SVP (Sales Vps).

Also new is the new JMT Gateway. Read the news here:

http://news.sfimg.com/2015/01/01/new-for-2015-jmt-gateway/ and make use of it.

There are times where we face set backs and we feel not motivated so much. We see  no results and more important: we see no commission. Nobody  comes around and buys things we are offering. 

The sense of Network Marketing is, that we have to go to the prospects. Many of them are looking for an opportunity which bring a better life for them and we are here to have one. 

This means we have to be in this business every day – at least for 2 hours or more. But this is up to you.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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