Prospects for the new week

I know – the last week passes by very quick.

Have you recovered from the stresses during Christmas and New Year?

When reading across through SFI’s latest news they have added some new

features to this online marketing job: Four New Tcredit Packs for Affiliates, read it here:

I hope you make frequent use of it.

Remember: you need TCredits for participating in Pricebender’s Pennyauctions and for playing some Eager Zebra games. If you bid on these auctions make sure you have a huge pack of Tcredits in the background.

One bid on Pricebender earns you 1 VP (up to 500 bids). This allows you to get together the necessary VersaPoints that ensure your ascent.

Playing games will eanable you to win valuable prizes, like VersaPoints, Tcredits, Member Reward Points (MRPs) – so take your chance and play. You cannot lose. Every day, SFI awards $2000 in free prizes to 200 of their affiliates. I just won 100 VP! I invite you to play with me in SFI (and come win some prizes too).

I just touched the forum and found an article titled ‘Got no Money’ ( It is important to know how to deal with priorities.

Those issues ‘around the house’ have a higher priority than such as ‘promote the Affiliates’.

There are times when these priorities change and funds are available. This business has a lot to do with patience. You can not force the early success. But if you constantly keep doing and if you respect those priorities, you can not go wrong.

I wish you a successful week.

With best regards, I remain,


Friedrich Fritz

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