New Time Zone feature

That is a good feature for all of us.

SFI News

Time Zone ClocksKnowing what time it is for your affiliates is important, especially when communicating.  To accommodate this, we’ve add a new feature to the Affiliate Center.  That is, if you’ve not already recorded your Time Zone for your account, you’ll now see a new mechanism under the official date and time (top left corner of the Affiliate Center) to enter it.  Once entered and saved, it will be hidden so as not to clutter up the page, but you can click the clock icon in front of the official date and time if you ever need to change your Time Zone.

We have a number of uses planned for both at the Affiliate Center and TripleClicks.  One of the first you’ll notice is on Affiliate Snapshots.  If your affiliate has submitted their Time Zone, their local time will now be displayed directly behind their country (the line immediately following their name). …

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