How to find free advertising sources(or paid for that matter) that work.

How did you find SFI?

Don’t you think others will respond just like you?

Did you just stumble onto it? If you did, your sponsor was lucky.

Most affiliates come to SFI while looking for something. Do a search in any search engine, as if you are looking for the SFI opportunity yourself. It doesn’t matter what search engine you use, just do it. Check out the sites that come up. Look to see if they have classifieds or other advertising available. Many will. Some will be free and others will not. When you find a site that accepts free advertising – place an ad. Keep track of those sites that offer paid advertising, I’ll show you what to do with them later.

Once you have exhausted the first two pages of your search, try another key word or phrase. Try words or phrases that are misspelled, these sites can be very productive. Try the phrase “free advertising,” you will come up with many sites. Don’t advertise with them just because they have a high rating for that phrase. Who do you know that will be looking for a home business through a search for free advertising? I sure don’t know any. Check these sites out and see how much traffic seems to be there. You won’t always be able to tell, but if it seems busy, try an ad or two. You would often be able to place more than one ad most places because you could advertise the business opportunity and even a product or two.

A word about your ads. Never place ads in catagories where they do not belong. SFI ads have been banned by certain classified sites because of many affiliates advertising in the wrong catagories. Also, don’t place the same ad several times. These site owners don’t like it when the first 10 ads are for the same thing. This makes their sites less attractive to surfers and chases off customers.

Once again, don’t get discouraged if you do not get results right away. Free advertising is a highly competitive field and it often takes thousands of ads to produce 1 affiliate or one sale.

Free advertising does work, I have sold IAHBE, Mining Gold and referred affiliates doing just what I have told you here. I also know someone who referred affiliates numbering in the thousands by using strictly free methods.

Yours sincerely
Friedrich Fritz


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