Use successful strategies

When we work in this Network Marketing business we should have the knowledge of promotion.

If you have your own website you have a big tool that can help you to boost business..

Your website should be of a high quality. The more quality this website has the more visible it can become to others.

1st improve your organic search engine ranking. Your site should be unique and therefore it is your big picture.

2nd Success requires investment in different forms:

A) invest money in promoting your Website through paid ads and other strateies.
B) invest money by simply hiring someone to do it all for you.

C) Invest in your own talent (you have a talent in writing, photography, videography, graphic creation, music, or similar arts)

You have the knowledge of doing certain things better than the average, people will be interested to hear how you do it. If you have studied certain things or had better experiences that are out of the ordinary, people may enjoy learning about these things from you.

You can and will always to invest time, because anything you create that has some value to others take some amount of time.

So, there are basically two options: Invest in money or invest your time, knowledge and experience into promoting your site. You can also use a combination of time and money. But the biggest investment is your time, talent, knowledge and experience.

This investment can be put under the category of ‘free promotion’.

Use social Media to promote your site. The most social media sites are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus+
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • VK
  • Flickr
  • Vine
  • Meetup
  • Tagged
  • AskFM
  • Meetme
  • Classmates

The most popular one, Facebook, has over a billion members, and over 900 million people log in and use it at least once a month. (Most members log in daily or at least weekly.) The least popular on this list, Classmates, still has over 15 million people using it per month. That’s a lot of people out there available to connect with you.

Using social media is the easiest and most natural way to promote your Website. Social media provides both free and paid ways to promote your site. We will discuss both of these social media promotion strategies in detail throughout this course.

Guest Blogging

You can attract people with free, interesting, and original content. The problem is, that no one knows where to find your site. The solution: Search for sites that already have traffic and to guest blog on those sites. Most site owners will allow you to have a link back to your site in your short biography at the end of your article.

Create a video and post it on Youtube.

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