It is a new month and a new chance

Dear Affiliates,

To grow your business and earn handsome commission you have to generate at least five affiliates per month. Give your SFI URL to your friends, family, and relatives to send an email. You can talk to them face to face or over Mobile/Telephone. Tell them about SFI. Convince them to join SFI through your URL. So many affiliates will join through your URL and you will become a Team Leader. Once you become a Team Leader it is just waiting for time to become wealthy. Slowly but steadily you will reach to your goal to become Platinum Team Leader. 

Even if you are unable to generate Affiliates through advertising there is not much problem. Purchase one or two S.Builders Co-op from Tripleclicks and they will generate Affiliates for you. Order your share here: . If you make this purchase you get 280 Vps.
Above all I will be always with you. 

You have to generate purchase, sales every month to get more commission. You set up a Standing Order and renew it every month or buy products from TClicks. Sales? When your downline/referrals purchase the products then certain percentage of commissions automatically get into your monthly accounts. Besides this refer your T-connect Page URL to your friends, family, relatives and request them to purchase as per their choice through your URL. When they purchase through your URL you will get 45% commission of their every purchase life time. 

Follow latest SFI News and participate in Forum Post to learn more about SFI. Follow my Leadership page also. Join Tripleclicks Wave3 to get more benefits. Pay $1.95 as onetime cost only.You will get 5 Tcredits, 50 MRP free every month and also participate in the Weekly Lucky Cash Draw. 

So try to follow the above steps and achieve success in SFI. If you need any assistance, please feel free to send me an mail and I will try my best to help you with what I can. 

Have a happy March
Friedrich Fritz

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