Promoting your site

The best way to promote Triple Clicks is to have your own homepage.

Such a homepage is quite simple to establish, but few things should be observed in

order to bring the prospects in.

Your homepage should be attractive and have interesting and entertaining content.

It should be simple so that visitors understand what your site is about. Don’t overload your

site with confusing or too much information.

It is important that your site has a fast loading time – you can try it out before you make it public.

Find ways on interacting with your site. Allow visitors to contact you for further information and to rate and rank your site. This includes share-it buttons to include social media.

We are all here to build a second income – so we should look for chances in order to improve our skills and we cannot wait too long. The internet is too fast and therefore we must be ready to give prospects the information that improves their life best.

What is your favourite Song of the Month? Listen to Triple Clicks Music and participate in the contest. It is only one click away:

If you are an artist or you would like to recmmend an Artist in your area to Tiple Clicks, use

this link:

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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