Refer companies to ECA program

ECA stands for e-commercie Associate. SFI has announced the ‘New ECA Referral Gateway’.

It is good to have this program, because you can earn much.

View for an overlook of the different ways you can use to have your business profitable.

What can you do? You refer a company in your neighbourhood that sell products to your ECA gateway. Your ECA gateway is    xxxx=your SFI ID number.

Each ECA will have to be  approved – if SFI approves the ECA you earn immediate 100 Vps after that ECA lists their first product. In addition you earn up to 10 % of the CV (commission Value) on all sales at Triple Clicks for life.

There are big and small companies in your region? Start with the smaller ones. I would recommend to read the ECA Referral Guide first under where you can learn a lot about the best strategies.

For your assistance you can use the following:

1st ECA brochure

2nd ECA envelopes

3rd ECA Letterhead:

4th ECA Postcard:

It can also be a good idea to connect with other ECAs in your area. Go to the ECA Report under then search for an ECA you like and connect with it.

There is always something we can do. When will you start?

Best wishes and regards

Friedrich Fritz

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