It is easy to become Executive Affiliate now

If you want to spend less financially each month and yet maintain your EA status, the easiest way will be for you to maintain a Standing Order of 100 TCredits worth $29.00 (This will give you a total of 1200VPs) then ensure that you do not miss attending to your daily TO Dos on your SFI Home page for 11 VPs each day. If you attend to your TO DOs each day, you will get a 11VP * 30days which equals 300VPS. If you get 330vps from your daily TO DOs in a month and you have a Standing Order of 1200 VPS, this equals 1500VP which is required to maintain the EA Status. 

However, if you do know that you will most likely miss a day in attending to your TO Dos, then this is the hardest way meaning that the easiest way for you will be a straightway Standing Order of 1500VPs which costs you more money to maintain an EA status every month. 

In my view, the first easiest way to become an Executive Affiliate (EA2) every month is to purchase a standing order that will allow you to get 1500 VPs – the requirement for an EA status. Many newbies may reason that they cannot afford to a standing order that immediately gives 1500 VPs. 

Second, use as little as $29,00 with which you can purchase a 100 TCREDIT pack that will give you 1200vp. This amount will be combined with your free VPs of approximately 492 VPs, which you would get through your daily, weekly and monthly actions. You would now receive approximately 1692VPs. You are EA again! 

There is yet a third way, which involves searching for DOUBLE MRP Pricebenders auctions, and bid. The 100 TCredits will give you 1000 mrp @10mrps per bid. With this you can buy 7 TCredits = 714+492=1206. Plus 1vp per bid = 100vp =1306  an EA you would have received 10 TC. You will have this amount along with the 7TC you bought with your mrps. Bid again and get 170 mrp +118 mrp left over from 1000 MRPs after you purchased the previous 7 TCredits. You will now have 288MRP. Buy 2 more single TCredits this time = 204 VPs. So, you are EA2! 204+1306= 1510VP. 

Move ahead, get an additional 10 VPs for rating your sponsor, 5 VPs for setting you monthly goals. Take your weekly actions through which you will earn 5VPs for reviewing your TripleClicks page, 3 VPs for stream posts and 30 VPs for sending a PSA, CSA or Genealogy Group Mailer. 

Additionally, enter the T-Time Contest, for free, where it is possible for you to win 2 TCredits. You can use these to bid and earn 2VPs. Enter the Pick the Price Contest and the Daily Grand. The possibility is you can win TCredits and VersaPoints. Then recently there has been a number of new games in which you can participate. 

Try them all and enjoy yourself as you strive to find the easiest ways to maintain your EA status.

Learn about the advantages about Executive Affiliate here:

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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