How to have success in SFI

Happy Easter to you!

Aim to achieve Executive Affiliate (EA) level as soon as possible. This will unlock the full earning potential of your SFI business. It’s possible to become an EA in your first month simply by completing the getting started tasks and qualifying for “Fast Track” points and completing Launchpad training lessons.

In your second month set up a Standing Order for 125 TCredit package. Look upon this as an investment. You will quickly recover and exceed the initial monthly cost of this as your business begins to grow.

More importantly, you will not lose your EA status or any of your Co-Sponsored Affiliates in your downline, and you can concentrate on building your business. Don’t forget that You can also post ads for Tripleclicks items to make sales and earn more money and VP to earn higher rank.

If you need help or don’t understand something you can contact me at:

Yours faithfully

Friedrich Fritz

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