The Power Tools in SFI are great!

do you like to try out some cool stuff which SFI is providing to us? Today I want you to look

for the Power Tools – they are really worth to look at. These tools are enabling us to make our business better.

While you click on Power Tools you see in the pull-down menue the point ‘Hit Tracking’.

There you can see how often your site has been visited and you can analyse which of your promotion works best.

In the ‘Tips of the Day’ Marija Banovacki explains excactly how you can use SFI’s hit trackiong to make your promotions more effective. Use the following link to read it:

The most effective way is to use your promotion in combination with keycodes and to organize the key codes in a statistic, for example, in an Excel spreadsheet. Write down the results of your Hit Tracking system every day and decide which promotion is good and which promotion has to be improved.

I wish you a nice prosperous week ahead.

Sincerely yours

Friedrich Fritz

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