How to become Teamleader?

Hi subscribers,

as we learn it in the Forum, in ASK SC it is essential for all of us to focus on becoming

Executive Affiliate every month. For this it is required to collect 1500 VersaPoints and

it does not matter if these VersaPoints are AVPs (resulting from your actions as explained

in your VP-Ledger) or SVPs (resulting from your purchases and sales).

I see every month so many Affiliates who make it towards EA and then they remain inactively until the end of the month. But SFI is for Teamleaders and I want you to focus to become Teamleader also.

The easiest thing for that is to read first the essentials in the plan:

and then work to that goal step by step and day per day. Build your group of serious minded people who are forming your team. It is the same as building a strong soccer team. You need a team where every team member feels, thinks and does almost the same thing as you (as their coach) does.

I know you can do it and please believe in you! Do you have questions or suggestions? Just write me your opinion.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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