Your 2nd income grows steadily


do you know that the average person who has worked a few decades in his life

cannot save enough to spent a lossless pension existence?

That is why it is right and proper to build a second income and were SFI business comes in.

This company serves us in an excellent way to us for ‘the time after work’ to prepare.

If we give ourselves the trouble to learn a lot and be patient, we will be rewarded. Not in the very first months, but over time we can see how our efforts are rewarded.

Small mishaps happen once or even more often and they can not stop us.

We just continue – perhaps we must begin with our thoughts from the front and get a different perspective on this business things. Sometimes you can see from a different perspective quite different and give our thoughts a new direction.

Today I have read in ‘Tip of the Day’ that it would be good for our business to use some business-related products that could be useful.

There are team-growing recources at Pay special attention for items for affiliates in the SFI department. I give you the link here:

Make a little use of them and let your Team grow!

Advertise your business!

If you are less experienced in advertising I recommend to purchase one or more share of S-Builder Co-op. This is really one big tool and if you buy regularly you receive sign-ups regular, too.

The key to success is building a strong downline through duplication. Get a minimum of 5 PSAs who are serious about business and work with them! Answer any questions they have and share with them your ideas and suggestions. Each PSA can contribute a sizable amount of VersaPoints and this can mean a bumper share in the Executive Pool.

A high share in the Executive Pool will increase your commission and you win confidence for yourself and for your team, too.

Be patient ā€“ but also be committed and share your business and your information.

Your success depends on you and your team!

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz

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