Good bye May – hello June


this month will end today midnight. So – if you still are ready for qualification as EA

or re-qualification as EA2 or higher – you should hurry. Failing this you will need to re-qualify

in June anew.

For me – this month has ended with big success. The month has produced

5 BTLs, 4 EA2 and 4 EA for their first time. 2 Executive Affiliates came from generation 2.

Today is the deadline for the May S-Builder Co-op. This is especially for advertisers who want to

save funds and have limited experience (so am I).

S-Builder is claimed being one of the most economical ways to build an online business ever because within weeks you begin receiving signups (both SFI affiliates and TC members, too).

Also I want to remind you for your vote for May’s Triple Clicks Song of the Month. Please go here: – you can download the song for free!

Everybody loves Music – because Music is the only bridge that connects us all together in this world.

Encourage artists in your town to upload their musci to Triple Clicks. There is a special download flyer you can use and post around your neighborhood:

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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