Convenient tips for business

I hope you are doing well and you have had the opportunity last week to learn and try new things. New things that you may never have done before now cause your chances are increased.

Catch finally on to your inner voice be heard and put a plan handle. Make it as easy as possible!

We easily lose interest when things are too complicated. A clock is a complicated device – but it makes it easy to read the time.

Become aware of a plan at the beginning of the week and work it off bit by bit!

Become Executive Affiliate

Review your To-Do-List every day for the tasks that should be completed.

The requirement is 1500 VersaPoints (Action VPs and Sales VPs.)

There are daily, weekly and monthly actions. Then we have the Pricebender’s Penny Auctions, ECA

and Eager Zebra games. When we participate we earn AVPs and when we make purchases for

TCredits we earn SVPs. When we refer a company as an ECA to SFI we earn AVPs.

Become Team Leader

For Team Leader qualification you need a team. Therefore we have to promote business and

have to recruit people to follow. There are 2 types of Affiliates: PSAs (personal sponsored Affiliates) and CSAs (corporate sponsored Affiliates) .They are our downline.

You are sponsor for your PSAs and co-Sponsor for your CSAs.

We tell them what to do and make sure that they are active every day. Whenever one of your downline become EA you earn AVPs and whenever one becomes Team Leader, you earn AVPs, too.

Generate Sales

Use marketing methods and marketing aids for generating sales. E.g. selling Tcredits:

add one of these dynamic banners to your personal Website or blog to help you create lucrative new Pricebenders customers. The link for creating these banners are here:

You can write Tcredits in the search bar of your Triple Clicks shop – you see a list of these items.

E.g. look for Tcredits -50 pack – then click on share it. Copy the code and paste it in your Facebook or Twitter account.

Invite your friends and relatives

Don’t be shy to talk to your friends and relatives about your business – show them your SFI homepage and your Triple Clicks Store. Demonstrate to them how it would be if they have the same. Use the Earnings Calculator about possible chances they would have, financially. Then invite them to join you. Sent them your referral link via email – when they register they will come below you! You can also hand-out Triple Clicks Gift Cards (you should order them first under

You work in this business – you decide what is the best and when making investments.
In fact – it is possible to run this business without investments – but it is very hard and takes longer.

I wish you all the best!

Sincereley yours

Friedrich Fritz

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