Readers are leaders and Tips for promoting SFI

we still have 9 days left in order to qualify as EA or Teamleader.

Please read more useful information – you can find them in the

Training Center. Go here:

You will see an overview of many interesting topics. I came just

across from Affiliat Tips (

These tips are covered with a lot of areas – it pays to collect this information and thus to come up with new ideas.

These are the themes I recommend:

  • ECA
  • Advertising (free or paid)
  • the new Affiliates help to start correctly
  • how to deal with investments for the future
  • how to deal with inactive Affiliates
  • what to do in the event of overwhelming and much more

There are also useful tips from Gery Carson, Founder of SFI on ‘Ask Gery’



All for your success!

Friedrich Fritz

Empfohlen / Recomended

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