Finishline in sight

Hello, dear subscribers,

welcome to all new Affiliates (both: CSAs and PSAs) who have joined my group.

In case you have not yet started – start your business now.

The hardest thing is indeed to get started! The solution: login daily to and

click on START.

I know this because I had also doubts in the beginning, over two years ago, in January 2013.
It was the time when my dear mother passed away – it was not possible for me to think on doing work for any business.

But, after a while other significant things got done and I was glad that I was able to deal with business ideas. I started chatting with the system SFI employ.

It has brought my life into a new orbit.

I first learned a few hours a day and had constant contact with my sponsor and also with my co-sponsor. They helped me and gave me tips on how I can build a profitable business with minimal financial resources. Early on I started to build my downline. My sponsor gave me from his downline PSAs available and I started this regular contact.

Later I learned to carry out advertising campaigns. As a greenhorn, I had no idea; but by addressing SFI, the daily, weekly and monthly actions, I learned in the course of time more and more.

In this business you always learn and it will never stop. I got setbacks and many surprises.
After all, one can never predict how a campaign effect. It was important for me to learn from my failures and rethink. This rethinking eventually led to another strategy.

Today I was nominated as Silver Team Leader. It is the position that I run in the 3rd month.
Although team leader – will I be more colleague – for my group, because this is more a piece of my family. For you I’ll always happy to be with tips available. If the shoe pinches, or it does not go on, or you are angry. Rest assured, breathe quietly and write me an email.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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