Online Marketing is a numbers game

repeatedly I have seen the following sentence (in the forum and in Ask SC) that

online marketing has something to do with a numbers game. Thus, it also has something to do
with mathematics. In mathematics we are dealing with formulas.

The goals (the one at the beginning of the month sets) will be reached and have the Factor X.
Let’s say we want 20 new affiliates to join our team next month. For this we need to make advertising and of course we use only well-functioning advertising portals and
Traffic Exchangers. To get 20 affiliates I have to achieve approximately 20,000 impressions
and it must follow then 20 clicks are generated, which lead to registration.

From this we derive a formula: X = ad volume
                                                 CTR ./. Bounce Rate.

Then we have 20 new affiliates, we provide motivation to them every day, but

this leaves one active and the other 19 people remain in silence.

Google Adwords is a program where you can produce ads that count a higher value than

those you place on Traffic Exchangers. You can decide, where you want to advertise, which

keywords you chose, which language you chose and etc. But you need a website on you own,

which are subject to the terms of Google Adwords. This website should be used for both desktop computers and mobile devices.

I would recommend Google Adwords with a clear conscience. The money that you spend for it depends on how many keywords are used and what is their frequency in the search engines.

On the other hand you can bring in the money back through Google Adsense, if you are clever enough to bring good advertising results as a publisher..

I wish you a nice weekend and after all a nice and prosperous week.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

The story


SFI is large and the databases are full of valuable information and advice. These are useful
because we can learn so, this business to thrive, so that we can achieve our goals and we need to stop worrying for the future.

People are always curious and interested in new ideas. This is demonstrated by the daily enrollments. You can view all this below the tab GROWTH.

Many of SFI Affiliates are very diligent and contribute their part to ensure that the enthusiasm continues to grow. There is also no end in sight. This enthusiasm is contagious – because the Internet is a huge market – where many interests are in demand by many people.

This realization can make each of us to use. Uses that ‘window of opportunity’ organize online group meeting on Facebook, Google+, Skype etc. Promote SFI and TripleClicks, Pricebender, TC Music, Eager Zebra games every day by using the corresponding gateways.

In marketing you will find appropriate advertising materials (banners, splash pages,

Flyers, text ads, etc.). Enlightens people and show them the paths that lead to success. Support them when they have questions.

If help is needed – do not hesitate to contact me. Results can sometimes be long in coming. This is normal and should not cause for alarm. The more you attract attention for a good cause, the better.

Aim high and dream big

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

Promotion is the key

Dear Entrepreneur,

we have thousand choices to promote our business and it seems quite

hard for all of us to find the best sites without being ripped off here.

I first have refered to Internet Income Course 2.0 – this is here in the member center and here is the


We are looking for Lesson #10 Organic Search Ranking – an Introduction. First of all we need a homepage for advertising on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Then we should care about our content on our homepage. The homepage should be ready for organic search by the search engines.

Ranking higher – means you have the right key-words used. For that view lesson #11 .

Here you can learn that your homepage should be entertaining and informative. When promoting your site chose effective keywords and the properly integrate those keywords into your meta tags

and your content. The best key words are those which visitors to your site would use.

Have a nice week and learn more day by day.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


All-New WAVE3 is here!

The new Wave 3 – better than ever

SFI News

W3LogoWe are excited today to unveil the all-new WAVE3 (W3) program!

Let’s start by reviewing what W3’s role has always been about–a program designed to incentivize TC members to spread the word about TripleClicks.  With the new W3, we’ve taken this objective and dramatically expanded it and made it more attractive than ever.  Indeed, we’ve just empowered our current 4 million+ TC members to help us grow to 400 million TC Members…and beyond!

Following are the new qualifications and benefits:


To become a W3 member, you now simply have to refer a new TripleClicks member.  Yes, W3 is now a 100% FREE program!  There is no kit to buy, no photo to upload, no monthly re-qualifications, etc.  Just refer a TC member and gain instant W3 membership!

Each new referral earns you a 120-days W3 membership (with the clock resetting to 120 days each time you make a…

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2-ways-promotion of Giftcards

Hello Subscribers,

SFI is a true and a big business!

they have enrolled 10,369 new prospects for this

new month (July 2015). This business is growing rapidly.

One of the best power tools are (without any doubts) Triple Clicks Giftcards.

Today (5th July 2015) 156,683 has been distributed.

Here are the essentials about Giftcards:

You can order them from your TripleClicks Store ( – you earn 100 VersaPoints. There are two types available:

a) physical Giftcards

b)  digital Giftcards.

Redemption Codes (PIN): When you order physical cards – the cards and the list of redemption codes are mailed to your address. You have to stick the redemption code onto the card and

hand it out to friends, shoppers, neighbours etc. Write down their names and email-address.

When you order digital cards – the list of the redemption codes can be seen in your Gift Card Tracker ( . The distribution of digital cards is easier: you can mail your redemption code to the desired people (not to downline members)

or you can use a so called capture page. Feel free to join my free report (

After distribution of the cards go to the relevant redemption code and complete the distribution details. You earn 10 AVP by doing so. The distribution of cards will count in DistributSTAR


One rule says ‘one card per day’ – the chances are high that once a prospect redeems the giftcard he wants have more from Triple Clicks and slightly becomes your customer (PRM). Maybe he would try Pricebender’s Pennyauctions or play some Eager Zebra games. Then he needs more Tcredits and

they buy them.

Then you earn commssion.

Add big commission with Pricebenders! View This comes out when you start to distribute Giftcards.

I wish you a wonderful week.

Sincerely yours

Friedrich Fritz


SFI Milestone: 150,000 TripleClicks Gift Cards distributed to date!

Giftcards is a big promotion tool – one card per day

SFI News

sfi-WeDidItWOW! Since the launch of our TC Gift Cards, SFI Affiliates have distributed more than 150,000 of these marketing aids to prospective TripleClicks Members around the world!

Help us reach our goal of 250,000 distributed TC Gift Cards. Become a gift card “DistribuStar” for the chance to win badges and prizes, all while gaining possible new PRMs, earning bonus VP, and increasing your commission potential! Get complete details and tips at the TripleClicks Gift Card Guide.

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