Promotion is the key

Dear Entrepreneur,

we have thousand choices to promote our business and it seems quite

hard for all of us to find the best sites without being ripped off here.

I first have refered to Internet Income Course 2.0 – this is here in the member center and here is the


We are looking for Lesson #10 Organic Search Ranking – an Introduction. First of all we need a homepage for advertising on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Then we should care about our content on our homepage. The homepage should be ready for organic search by the search engines.

Ranking higher – means you have the right key-words used. For that view lesson #11 .

Here you can learn that your homepage should be entertaining and informative. When promoting your site chose effective keywords and the properly integrate those keywords into your meta tags

and your content. The best key words are those which visitors to your site would use.

Have a nice week and learn more day by day.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


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