Online Marketing is a numbers game

repeatedly I have seen the following sentence (in the forum and in Ask SC) that

online marketing has something to do with a numbers game. Thus, it also has something to do
with mathematics. In mathematics we are dealing with formulas.

The goals (the one at the beginning of the month sets) will be reached and have the Factor X.
Let’s say we want 20 new affiliates to join our team next month. For this we need to make advertising and of course we use only well-functioning advertising portals and
Traffic Exchangers. To get 20 affiliates I have to achieve approximately 20,000 impressions
and it must follow then 20 clicks are generated, which lead to registration.

From this we derive a formula: X = ad volume
                                                 CTR ./. Bounce Rate.

Then we have 20 new affiliates, we provide motivation to them every day, but

this leaves one active and the other 19 people remain in silence.

Google Adwords is a program where you can produce ads that count a higher value than

those you place on Traffic Exchangers. You can decide, where you want to advertise, which

keywords you chose, which language you chose and etc. But you need a website on you own,

which are subject to the terms of Google Adwords. This website should be used for both desktop computers and mobile devices.

I would recommend Google Adwords with a clear conscience. The money that you spend for it depends on how many keywords are used and what is their frequency in the search engines.

On the other hand you can bring in the money back through Google Adsense, if you are clever enough to bring good advertising results as a publisher..

I wish you a nice weekend and after all a nice and prosperous week.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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