Learning from experts


I hope you have a good start in this new month of August 2015.

As announced in the Forum we have a new lesson in Internet Income 2.0 .

Therefore I will give you some guidance.

This lesson is about FLOW. Our buisness is basically tied to the Internet and

in order to open the eyes for a better presence it is good to learn how the Internet works and

what must be done and what must be avoided.

Your presence in the internet should include:

  • Utilizing effective branding, 
  • Obtaining good publicity, including links to your site from popular pages, 
  • Obtaining an effective search engine presence,
  • Utilizing and maintaining flow in the placement of your Internet ads, and 
  • Maintaining an effective social media presence.

The question

What makes the visitor of your website to stay?

This is exactly what George Little explains to us. FLOW means basically

that a users loses himself in a Website.

If the user finds some direction, inhibitions he follows his impulse: he is either eager to buy something or to join what is promoted. So our site must be both interesting and easy

to navigate for the only reason that the above occur. Otherwise he moves to another website.

Promotions, like banners and ads must flow from the content of your site, so that it is interesting

for the user. The Flow always begins with the links you have placed on your website and then

continue through the content on your Website and then continue beyond due to the links and ads.

Linking to social media site

The vision of today’s Internet is that the entire experience should be a smooth path of information,
entertainment and expression. Social Media is a huge factor and plays a big role, because most people start with Twitter or Facebook to look for interesting things, first. Start with your points

of interest there and you draw the interest of the visitor to learn more. Make the things you promote interesting and guide the user to you promotion (without overwhelming him).

All this is not easy and it takes a lot of practice and perseverance to do so. Please try it out and

read the entire lesson under the following link: https://www.sfimg.com/Training/Lessons/Lesson2_13

I have a homepage under http://chilichote.ibk.me/ and you can visit it.

If you have not rated your sponsor, co-sponsor and SFI you should do this now. I need your vote, because I must know what I can improve to give a better service for everybody who has interests.

Best regards

Friedrich-W. Fritz

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