E-Commerce-Associate (ECA)

Hello to all,

SFI is great for everyone and it is easy to generate addtional income streams.

While we are basically looking for induviduals who become our PSAs we should

also look for small companies in our neighborhood and refer them to the ECA

Refer small companies

A small company can be a small book store, a Stationer’s shop, a Fashion bouthique,

a Toy Store, Florists. It can be accessories shops for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, agricultural machinery, artisans, craft supplies, stamp collectors, coin collectors, etc.

Instantly increase Sales!

There is a huge range of shops and all want to achieve sales. In today’s on-line world, it is important and right to offer goods and services globally  for sale. There are training strategies available –

they will help to promote ECA correctly and how to address a company.

The ECA Strategies

Read it all here: https://www.sfimg.com/Training/ECAStrategies and follow it step by step.
You will be surprised how easy it is to refer new ECAs to SFI. It is not necessary that you

have become an ECA on your own!

Connect with existing ECAs
While you are looking around for these shop-owners or use Yellow Pages, you can and should

connect with other existing ECA’s in your country. Please use the ECA report: https://www.sfimg.com/ECAreport . Just click on the ‘Connect with This ECA button’ and

you are connected. Then you should promote this ECA by using his URL (it contains your

SFI-ID) and you can earn 45% CV Direct Commissions on any sale you generate.

This is really a good chance and I have already connected with 139 ECAs I love. I receive always
good offerings from them and promote their products on many occasions.

Referring new ECAs and connecting with existing ECAs are not a-time thing. Set your goals and
do it every day. You should be active in your business!

Best regards

Friedrich-W. Fritz

PS: Please visit my ECA-connection page http://friedrich.tripleclicks.com/12166105/

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