How advertise?

To all Entrepreneurs,

welcome to all new Affiliates who joined this group of Network Marketing. I am appreciating your

efforts every day and I know that the beginning is very hard. But don’t get overwhelmed. Make your

daily actions as a habbit – as such you have a constant flow of VersaPoints. Think always positive!

For most of us advertising is new to us and they are many ways to set up good and respoinsive ads.

Advertising free or payed?

I came along an article ‘A Small Guide To Free Advertising and I find this article useful. You can read it here:

Free advertising is NOT a waste of time. You can post free ads on Social Media and on other sites in the Internet, too.

Plan your free ads

  • set up an extra business e-mail address (GMAIL, Yahoo) because you will receive ‘confirmation e-mails’ and on classified networks you can receive hundreds of such e-mails per day. Once per week clean-up your e-mail account by deleting all e-mails

Post your ads on a Tuesday

Yes, it is proven that is most effective to post ads on Tuesday, because nobody reads ads on weekends.

How to place your ads
Always place your ads in categories such as ‘business opportunities’, ‘Work at home’, ‘Home Business’,
and the like. For posting your ads use your GATEWAYS ( in combination with key-codes and prewritten text-ads from Marketing aids (

How often to place your ads

I would suggest it is a good reason to post ads every day and track the results. It takes a little practice. It is therefore right to get more results also to advertise daily. It’ll automatically succeed to achieve more results.

Just let your creativity run wild, introduce yourself to the needs of your visitors and you will succeed. If the result is bad , then try it with new creative ideas. Changes to your success rate can track so easily.

To your Success Today, Tomorrow and Everyday

Best regards

Friedrich-W. Fritz

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