Duplication is the key

Hello dear Prospects,

we experience our time in online marketing as a very hectic time – but we can take it relaxed. We are relaxed because we work from home – equipped with laptop (PC) and the Internet. We have no boss standing behind us, who is pretending what to do and how much revenue it has to be in a week or in a month.

But we are constant and always ready to use – we fathom the depths of the World Wide Web and we bring other people to be amazed when we tell the story of SFI. It is a unique success story.

Great content on our websites

On our websites we offer from a great content and visitors will not soon bounce. The law of FLOW acts and it is clear that few visitors do sign in, either as a PSA or as PRM – there are
Prospects who are interested in the business model SFI.

We do not live in a nutshell, and we are glad that there are so many visitors who want to learn more about us and how one can create such a business. We give you the information you need and offer them our support.

Are we really worry about our prospects?

Yes, that is exactly what are prospects are doing when we start our presentations. Prospects judge us harshly. Because all prospects want to protect their time, they immediately ask these questions inside of their heads:

  • How long is this going to last?

  • Is this a sales pitch?

  • Why should I listen to this person?

  • Why should I believe this person?

  • Should I even trust what this person is saying?

Unfortunately, because this dialog is in our prospects’ minds, they don’t hear a word we say about our wonderful opportunity and products. Sad … but very true.

The solution? Carefully check what you say during the first 20 seconds of judgment. Here are some guidelines:

1. Does my first sentence make my prospect forget about me, and think about what I said? Can I engage my prospects’ minds and get them to think about my message so strongly that they forget about me, the messenger?

2. How can I grab my prospects’ imagination and direct their attention to the problem or solution I am presenting?

When neither of these things are addressed in the first 20 seconds of our presentation, we are in trouble. This is why we should carefully plan our first few sentences. Reacting randomly to what our prospects say is not a good plan.

So ask yourself, “Do my first 20 seconds get my prospects to forget about harshly judging me?”

Our PSAs are very sensitive and we do not overstretch, which is not even necessary. It is not a lottery and you will not get rich quick.

It requires a lot of patience, persistence and perseverance.

There is no guarantee

There is no guarantee that you will do well in your network marketing business. You can increase your chances by learning new skills.

There is no guarantee

But there is no guarantee that going to university will get you a job in your chosen field.

And there is no guarantee on a business. Unless we are the owner, we can’t be sure of continued success.

There are very few guarantees in life. But there is guaranteed failure if we don’t try something and we must obey the rules of success.

SFI has the solution and the answer for every question our prospects might have.

To your Success Today, Tomorrow and Everyday

Best regards

Friedrich-W. Fritz

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