Some coaching tips


welcome to every new reader who have interests for my team building site.

I hope that you are in a good health and have looked around SFI.

But you did not find the point where to start, right?

There are only three (3) little things you should consider:

1st become EA (Executive Affiliate) every month

2nd promote business and find 5 business minded people like you

3rd tell those 5 people to do the same as you do

Set a realistic goal

We all want in our lives make a difference and have wishes, hopes, dreams.

Therefore, we have found ourselves here at SFI – we set up our own business.

If we sign us every day in our business, we are members of a large community.

We are not anonymous – but we open ourselves to this community who will support us in every way, if we have any questions and / or concerns.

Our efforts are rewarded – if we do our job, we get VersaPoints. We need nothing to pay and only fulfill tasks for a whole month.

In the first two months is not a problem and we easily reach our qualification as EA.

After that it takes longer – if we want to sell anything and still customers or prospective customers can win. The chance to become EA is then lower. Well, it is a business and commission can be generated through sales only. Still not a member of Uber-Picks? Enter below and enjoy it!

Start now and give your effort

Login to SFIMG.COM and begin with your To-Do-List here:

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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