Starting a league is simple, easy, and FREE!


Thanks for your interest in starting your own Uber-Picks FIFA EU league!

Starting a league is simple, easy, and FREE!

1. Register your league name and choose your sport below.

2. Upon submission, we’ll provide you with your own customized league webpage, ready to go, and complete with a real-time leaderboard, schedule, live chatboard, commissioner tools, and more.

3. Each week, for the duration of your sport’s season, we’ll send you and all your league members a customized weekly recap email and an entry reminder.

Note: A minimum of five league members—including yourself—is required.

5 GREAT reasons to have your own league at TripleClicks

TIP: Make your league even more fun by creating a traveling trophy and/or having your own special weekly or season prize!
  • All of your members can play FREE every week!
  • Adds excitement to every FIFA EU game and makes the FIFA EU season even more enjoyable!
  • Competing with your friends and co-workers is FUN!
  • Play year around in multiple sports!
  • We do all the work for you (keep all the stats, send out automatic weekly reminders, etc.)…and we do it all for FREE!

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